Friday, May 11, 2012


Printed back packs are super popular this summer and vary in price from $15 and up- this bag cost me $11.99 and is completely unique to my taste.
Supplies needed: Canvas bag - I found mine at hobby lobby, Craft Foam, Acrylic or Fabric paint, brushes, scissors, Sharpie.

Get Started: Draw your geometric shape on your craft foam, I chose a triangle for mine. Cut out as many of the shape as you want in variety of color- I used a total of 5 colors so I had 5 triangles.
 Plan ahead! Piece your shapes together as you go to get a great composition.

Work your way around the bag, I had to fill in my stamped shapes with more paint as I went a long to get a nice solid shape.
And there you have your very own, customized printed backpack! Add personal touches like key chains or some embroidery to make it all yours.

Happy Crafting!

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