Wednesday, May 16, 2012


May has been the busiest month for us so far- working out of town, Mother's Day celebrations, working on the accessory launch, prepping for a garage sale and the general meet-ups and appointments of life in between. As far as I can tell June isn't going to slow down much either. We have our wedding anniversary, Nate and Stella's birthday (yes, we celebrate hers too :)) my little sisters birthday and graduation, Dads Day, my work schedule and between it all I want to plan a weekend get-away (foreseeing that being bumped into July, just calling it like I see it)

Even though these months are constantly moving forward at an insane speed with all of these commitments I want to commit to myself that I am enjoying every single one. We can get swept up in just 'getting through' and moving on to the next. But this summer has some pretty awesome milestones for us!

I have already set time aside to start on Nate's birthday-palooza to make sure I get every detail I dream up without rushing last minute.

Little sisters only graduate from High School once so working on a memorable gift and making the time to help her with her party is important to me. 

Our wedding anniversary is always so special, and three years this year! Time flies. 

Celebrating our parents on their respective days seems to get more important every year as my appreciation for them grows.

Finally seeing the hard work I have put into this accessory collection come to fruition on June 1st will be a major reward in itself!

And between it all remembering to sit back, relax, and enjoy summer. 

Whats exciting on your agenda?

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