Monday, March 26, 2012


Saturday was a really great day. So great in fact, I was really sad to see it end. But then Sunday came around and that was really great too. It was a great weekend! Great is a funny word after you have typed it 4 times. Try it. It's weird.

Anywaaaayy- hello Hi-Low skirt again! This is what I wore while traipsing around town with my good friend Jilly Bean ... or as she likes to go by, Jill. I always get oh so inspired after hanging with her, she is amazing at home decor and naturally we landed at ikea where we dreamed up all sorts of pretty spaces.
she wore: Forever 21
he wore: 21Mens tee; Levi Denim

And that cute pup Stella is so desperately trying to smooch is Moose, one of my fellow employees precious dachshund mix- he was not impressed by her charm.

Any I am finding more and more I am grabbing for denim to add to my outfits, I think it might be having a revival in my closet!

Until tomorrow sweet readers, enjoy your day!

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