Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have the worst memory. Ever. Just ask Nate- I have a terrible habit of starting a sentence and forgetting the end half of it before can come out of my mouth. True story! And because of this terrible flaw I have taken up the habit of writing lists (I love it!) and journaling.
Yesterday I purchased this planner by Craft Inc. Meg Mateo Ilasco is an entrepreneurial genius. Nate and I have been talking a little about starting a new direction with our little business. We haven't invested much time in it lately but it is one thing that we really enjoy doing. So with this book we are hoping to really hash things out, start fresh, and start differently. Here are some peeks at the contents. There is even a place for to-do lists! Heaven!

So in honor of this fresh start ... TAKE 20% OFF WITH CODE SPRINGCLEAN IN THE SHOP STARTING TODAY! 

Happy journaling and happy shopping! :)

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