Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In all honesty, I am probably pretty mean to my hair. There are things I would never tell my stylist. Like I do wash my hair everyday, use hot tools, and brush it when its wet. But, I do try and make up for it by using products that nourish and heal. I use all drug store products, and have found what really works for me. I have stuck with some of these products for years now!

I started using Dove Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner awhile ago and LOVE it. I also purchased the repairing hair serum pictured above- its honestly like a leave in hair lotion. Non-greasy, weightless, and makes your hair oh so touchable!

On days when I want lift I use Garniers Volume Inject mousse and blow dry my hair upside down. My hair is impossibly thick so by the end of the day gravity has done its deed and flattened it again but hey, it looks good from 8-noon!

Garniers Surf hair putty is a must everyday ... it gives great texture and helps reduce static in the winter. My bangs like to separate and blow helter-skelter during the day so I spray some of Garniers Extra Strong Volumizing hair spray and for the most part they stay put.

Products I also swear by but don't use everyday: Big Sexy Hair back comb spray and dry shampoo. I love the dry shampoo when I am traveling, especially to store openings when that extra 40 minutes of sleep is worth more than washing my locks. And it makes your hair super sculptable. Is that a word? Blogger says no, but I am making it so.

Probably my biggest hair secret? To get volume that stays on top I tease my roots (I know, I know, another thing to not tell the stylist) and when I make a bouffant I do not use a "Bump-It" like most assume. That is the real deal, all genuine my teased and backcombed hair. To get the perfect bump for an up-do, spritz your hair with the Big Sexy Hair Back Combing spray, tease, mold into desired shape and bobby pin in place.

So there you have it, my not so secret secrets :) Thanks Whimsical Woodland for your question!


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  1. Thanks for answering! I will definitely be trying out a couple of these products. I have bad hair habits too. I also wash my hair daily, torture it daily with a smoking hot straight iron, and always brush it when wet. I've never tried dry shampoo but now my curiosity is peaked.