Sunday, March 11, 2012


Two weekends ago I conquered out living room with some spring cleaning and re-design on a budget, and this weekend we moved onto the bedroom. This makeover had a slightly larger budget, but lets get real here, Ikea just does that to you :)
 What we did: changed the duvet cover from the fun tree print to a serene textured gray. Took our hers and his drawer covers out of the headboard for a more open/modern look on our vintage bed. Took down our row of photos and put up a single large print (I have wanted this print for forever!). Not pictured is two mirrors, one over my vanity, and one full length that used to have dark black frames that we swapped out for mirrors sans frame- it made an amazing difference! I picked up some accent pillows that were on clearance at Target and painted our end tables from red to white and gray. Whew! We did a lot and it only look us about 3 hours!

The space looks ten times larger and oh so bright, it makes me happy every time I walk in :)

Our Sunday has been absolutely bliss. I picked up a hot pink hair extension and we had breakfast for dinner. It was 67 degrees out today and we spent some much needed out of doors time with Stella. We are now sitting in our living room, windows open, music playing, editing photos and working on projects. Why can't weekends last forever and ever?



  1. I love the new picture over your bed it looks so serene. The chevron pillows are also a great touch. Have a great week. xo, rv

    1. Always so sweet! I am really looking forward to your bike dress results.

  2. I love your little apartment makeovers!! your bedroom and living room look great!

  3. i love that textured gray duvet! i'm really into bright and airy bedrooms lately and this is really lovely. perfect timing with this wonderful weather!