Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Its Wednesday! And its actually going to be warm today, and sunny. You really can't beat that.

This morning I have been sewing away on some new accessories and watching the most amazing documentary, Bill Cunningham: New York. If you have Netflix you must watch it. Right. Now. He really is the best street style photographer, and the cutest :)

 she wore: Forever21 Lace tee, woven, denim, necklace; Target flats.

Last night I made homemade Mac n' Cheese for the first time! I am no culinary expert, I am actually horrifically awkward in the kitchen. I recently purchases Gwenyth Paltrows cookbook and its amazing- amazing enough that it has inspired me to keep plugging away it. The awkwardness goes away with time, right? The inevitable mess that ensues a cooking endeavor lessens, right? Right??
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Yea, I will keep working on it.

Happy Wednesday, kids- I hope it's a great one!

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