Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Some people are blessed enough to have gotten out of the daily grind of corporate life and focus solely on their craft and business. But for the rest of us who still depend on a bread and butter job, have our side business, and want to keep plenty of family time in the schedule, juggling it all can be tricky. If I have learned anything from my 9-5 though, its time management- and until a few months ago I never realized that time management is extremely important in all aspects of our daily life. Here are three tips I have found to help me make time for everything ...

1. Keep work at work: This can be hard, but once you step through your front door, leave your 9-5 on the welcome mat. Your time is too precious to your own growth, creativity, and productivity towards your side business once you are home.

2. Keep a Schedule: Make to-do lists, have a calendar just for your business, and stick to it! Create deadlines that you can commit to and celebrate when you accomplish them! Remember not to over schedule and only set realistic goals, you could easily start to feel overwhelmed and that can squash creativity and your motivation.

3. Just like you take days off from your job, take days off from your business to focus only family and projects that are not business related. This will keep you fueled, help prevent you from feeling drained, and best of all, you can make amazing little memories with those you love :)

What do you do to keep motivated and balance your life? I would love to hear!


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