Friday, April 13, 2012


Every Friday at work we have a 'Fashion Friday' theme, cute right? So this week we chose the trend of neons and neutrals because, well, neons are fun and we love them with neutrals! So I paired my hot pink tank with a beige sweater and popped in my hot pink hair extension for good measure. So here are 13 pictures of what we wore today ... I didn't even plan it, I swear!
 she wore: Forever 21 sweater, tank, shoes; Gap denim; H&M scarf; Sally Beauty Supply extension
he wore: 21Mens jacket; Old Navy tee; Levi denim; chucks

I am really hoping for some good thunderstorms this weekend- I have heard that the midwest has seen some good ones and I want in on the action! I love a cozy Saturday in, with coffee and crafting and my two favorite people (er, person and pup, whatevs).

The mister just came home with a pizza- so we are going to kick back, watch some TV and enjoy a night in!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I really love that scarf!