Monday, April 30, 2012


Making great progress over the past few days on the accessory line! I am getting more excited about it everyday and wish June 1st was closer. But then, I would probably be in a panic because there is still a lot to do.

1. Source Fabric
2. Fabric prep
3. packaging design
4. set a launch date
5. create cohesive collection
6. production
7. product photos
8. listing

This past weekend I completed my fabric selections and carefully chose what fabrics to feature in the Summer 2012 line. I completed all of the fabric preparations and even started production on some of the pieces. The prototypes have been completed and I will definitely be wearing them around for the next few weeks, I love every single one! This first collection is going to focus more on soft goods, such as hair bows, bow ties, rosette pins, and working on developing a tie for the guys! I am already scheming up the next collection and what other mediums I want to explore.

Oh, and dying over the lace bow right now- I think it might be my favorite :)



  1. where did you get your dress forms from?

  2. they were actually going to be trashed by a retailer so- I gave them a new home :)

  3. wow that's awesome, they are super nice!