Sunday, July 1, 2012


I own a lot of clothing. And I regularly purchase new items- so if I kept everything I ever bought our whole apartment would be a closet! I started re-selling my clothing in college and have learned a few tricks of the trade for making sure I get the most out of it!

1. Presentation- This part is super important! Make sure that the clothing you are selecting to sell are clean, as wrinkle free as possible, buttoned up if it buttons, zipped, and any belts tied or buckled. I always have to check for puppy fur, no one wants to handle clothes covered in some unknown pets fur. Take the time to fold the garments and make sure you aren't throwing things in that have stains or holes. If you take the time to edit and make your clothing presentable the store will be more inclined to purchase. Show that you care and they will care!

2. Frequent the same shop- I try and go to the same shop every time. I go to the clothing chain Plato's Closet to sell, and though they have locations close to my home I still frequent the one I started going to in college. Most of the staff there recognizes me and knows I always bring in quality items, we have built a buyer/seller relationship that works in everyones favor!

3. Reciprocate the business- As much as you like to make money off of your clothes the business wants to make money as well! Even though I sell clothes to make money I make sure to look around and see if there isn't something that I would like. Showing that you are a buyer as much as a seller enforces a good relationship with that business.

This all may seem kind of silly but it really works! You will see a much better return for your items by taking a few extra minutes to do these things.


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