Sunday, July 22, 2012


Happy Sunday!

I am such a sucker for animal motif tops- especially little birdies. I didn't want to make it too typical so I paired it with my favorite pair of acid wash denim... I liked the peach color against them and want to play with the peach/gray color combo so more!

 Forever 21 top

Little miss priss up here used to be such an angel about taking pictures... she would even pose for us but lately she has thrown an attitude and refuses to look at the camera. Such a stinker ;)

I hope your Sunday was fabulous- I worked this morning, we spent time with family, and we finished up an art project for the kitchen. As soon as we have all the boxes for our garage sale cleared out I want to snap some photos of our newly refinished dining room and other small home decor projects!



  1. I love everything about these outfit pics!! A) There is a cute little pug involved!!! Aaaw! B) Your outfit is really cool, I love it! Looks so perfect for everyday! and C) There is a pug! SO CUUUTE! :D

    Sorry, I always go crazy over pugs, they're my favourite dogs everrrrr :)

  2. They are my favorite dog too :) Thank you!