Sunday, February 5, 2012


Day 5 of Valentine-palooza! Only 9 days to go and today I have a sweet little craft project that gives you a place to stash all of your V-Day cards and love notes (way more chic than a brown paper bag or shoe box a la 3rd grade)

 How I made mine: I purchased this paper mache mailbox from Hobby Lobby for 4.99 and coated the whole box in pink acrylic paint. It took about two coats. Then, with a paint pen I added the scalloped decoration on the ends. I painted the mail flag red and applied a thin coat of mod podge and some red glitter (lets be honest, you cannot have enough glitter this time of year). I also used a left over heart from my Valentine Banner project and attached it with craft glue to the front. Super simple and super personal, you can decorate any way you want! If I ever have the chance to do this craft again I think I will make the whole box glittery :)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. This is darling. I used to love making these in grade school. It's my favorite. xo, rv