Sunday, February 26, 2012


Supplies you need: Fabric (I chose an interlock knit), Foam sheet, wooden block (optional), scissors, paint, brush, craft glue, and sharpie or pen. Step 1: Make your stamp- Elsie over at a Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial- I cut mine out of simple craft foam and mounted it with craft glue to a wooden block. Step 2: Lay your fabric out flat, iron if necessary. I used half a yard and randomly stamped my hearts all over it. I applied more paint with every application. Let fully dry. Step 3: Sew your scarf! I folded my fabric in half long ways with right side facing in. Then reverse it so it becomes right side out. I then sewed the two ends together with the same method so that the seam was hidden on the inside.

 she wore: Forever 21

And there you have a weekend craft!


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