Sunday, February 12, 2012


Nate here with my version of a Valentine's update!
So Janae and I were walking around a craft store and mixed in with all of their Valentine's craft ideas was this little fellow. Now, I'm not sure why a little devil figure was in with all of the hearts, candy, cupids and cupcakes, but once I saw him, I had to have him. I forgot to take any 'before' pictures, but this little guy started out blank white like a Munny vinyl figure. He came with two paint pens (black and silver) to help get your creative juices going. I've made one and a half Munny figures, so I knew the basic idea behind creating this guy. I made a rough sketch right on the figure with pencil then just started painting with acrylic. I popped his head off to make it easier to reach certain areas, but I wasn't able to get his arms off. Once the paint is all applied, I typically coat them in a matte varnish to help keep the acrylic paint from chipping off. He was a lot of fun and this made me realize that I should post my other figures I've painted (especially once I finish that second one!)

I'm not exactly sure how he fits in with Valentine's day, but I think he's pretty great.
- nate


  1. Hahaha. This is darling! xo, rv

  2. Heehee that's so cute! I love it!