Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We are well into week two of  the New Year ... how are your resolutions keeping up? I have a small list of things this year- two of them that I really want to stick to is make sure I work out 3x a week and read a book once a month. Between work, blogging, the shop, and everything between I don't make exercise or reading a priority. And I LOVE reading. And exercise is ok ::winks::

I really tried to make my goals obtainable and easy to measure. When you make resolutions like -Get Healthy!- or -Be more creative!- it can be hard to measure what your success is in reaching your goal. With exercise I had to outline to myself what working out would entail- did it mean I had to go to the gym, or run two miles? Sometimes I just really don't feel like going to the gym. Maybe the husb and I take a hike or a really long walk, maybe that day I do yoga, or lift weights at home. Any form of burning calories and getting off the couch is counting towards my goal. This makes it seem like less of  a chore. Instead of saying -I will go to the gym 3 days a week!- I am giving myself the freedom to chose how I get my exercise. It actually does feel very freeing!

And don't forget a reward system! It can be the smallest of things, like maybe downloading new music for your ipod to jam to while hitting the treadmill. Its always encouraging to remind yourself of a job well done!

What methods do you use to meet your goals and resolutions?


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