Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today was pretty marvelous. Not to brag or anything!

We woke up at an unsightly hour thanks to a certain little smush-face, had good conversation over delicious coffees, and then went on a crafting day date. My love for Martha Stewart has only grown 10 fold today- I finally got my very own pair of fringing scissors! Its the small things in life, you know?

Today was pretty cold- 38 degrees and oh so windy. So not really a great day for a skirt and a cape but I went for it anyway :)

 she wore: Love21 Cape; Forever21 sweater; Target Skirt; Fossil bag; American Apparel knot thigh highs; Francesca Boutique flats
he wore: Target thermal, jacket, and sneaks; Levi Denim

I am pretty excited for tomorrow, so many crafts to photograph- including a cute one for pups!

Hope your Saturday evening is full of fun and love :)


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